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Ashley recently received the highest math score in her class on a very difficult test in geometry. It required good reading, sequencing, problem solving, contextual thinking, and abstract thought in addition to basic computation. Most in the class did not do well. Ashley was thrilled and her class clapped for her, gave her a big hug and were so supportive. She had a huge grin and felt so confident. I was so proud of her.

Carolyn Robbins

Here is an amazing testimonial by a Cellfield client!

S.H. is an adult who presented with extreme hypersensitivies in different sensory systems that disenabled her to function with regards to a vocation, driving a car etc. She completed our Tomatis Sound Training program first to attain a stronger sensory processing foundation. Subsequent to this program S. completed the Cellfield program to target her extreme visual hypersensitivity. The following are her words as she went through the Cellfield program. – Maude Le Roux (OTR/L)

Changes Noticed During Cellfield Treatment

Changes Noticed After Cellfield Treatment

S.H. May 2013

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We have researched many programs and are trained in several designed to help with Dyslexia or other reading difficulties. Over many years we have come to realize that what we were looking for was a program that...

In Cellfield we found a program that does all of the above with modern computer technology and the student gets to compete against only him or herself and see their grades rise in a matter of only 10 days!

Matthew recently participated in a two week Cellfield program, designed to address his reading comprehension needs. He underwent testing prior to starting and then retested after completion of the program. Matthew gained 3 grade levels for reading comprehension in just 2 weeks!...So far he is doing fabulous and has the self confidence that he did not have before to do so!

Gene and Angela

If a student is 8 years old (sometimes 7) and has Dyslexia or other reading difficulties he or she might benefit from Cellfield intervention. Research on this innovative program is conclusive and real.

If a student is 5 to 7 years old then we would recommend our TNT Program, which focuses on the attainment of reading skills in the earlier academic career of any student with specific or non-specific learning needs.

The Cellfield program consists of 2 phases, as well as pre- and post-assessments and consultations, as follows:

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