How To Get Started

Initial Intake Process

  • Email us using our contact form or call us at 484-840-1561 to complete an initial intake phone consultation. Joyce Ritz is our front office manager and will complete a form with you that will consist of demographic information, as well as exploring the reason for your call to make the most appropriate decision as to which therapist should be returning your call.
  • A trained therapist will call you back to complete a telephone interview, so we could assist you in determining the needs of your child (or yourself) and discuss different evaluation or mini-evaluation options with you. It would assist us in our call with you if you have familiarized yourself with our process by reading the evaluation section on our website.
  • After completion of the telephone interview, an evaluation/mini-evaluation date will be scheduled. Our evaluations/mini-evaluations are usually scheduled in the mornings.
  • You will receive a packet in the mail clarifying the date and type of evaluation to be performed, as well as different questionnaires to complete. We encourage families to complete these forms over time, and not do them all in one sitting. This could be overwhelming and result in contradicting information. You will be able to gain more of the evaluation process if you complete these questionnaires ahead of time and not on the day of the evaluation/mini-evaluation.


Insurance Coverage

  • We do not accept or work with insurance companies directly. We are considered to be an "out of network" program. Some of our programs are considered to be educational and not reimbursable by insurance, but other programs involving medical therapies, such as occupational therapy, physical therapy or speech language therapy are eligible for insurance reimbursement.
  • Once the family has decided which course of action to take, A Total Approach will complete a "plan of care" letter that will outline the medical need, as well as state the needed frequency of treatment. The family will send this letter with a doctor's prescription note, and their accounting statement of the first evaluation to their insurance company. The insurance company will let them know what their reimbursable rate is.
  • We do not make calls to insurance companies, though we supply each client with a monthly statement of appropriate reimbursable treatment codes for each visit to assist in reimbursement, for those services deemed reimbursable.

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