Intensive Programs for Out-of-State Clients

About Our Out-Of-State Programs

We have seen great results with intensive programming that we often see take longer in the traditional 1x week approach. The intensives could be combinations of therapy that would promote brain growth and development and/or it could be combinations of therapy that would promote reading or other learning differences for children with attention deficit disorder or children struggling with learning disabilities.

Over the course of time we have received and fulfilled many different requests to do intensive programming for a variety of different children. Since we provide multiple different services, we can accommodate for a variety of different needs and design specific intensives with individualized programs for different children.

It is surprising and sad to hear that so many different states do not offer similar services in some shape or form to their children with special needs. There are a variety of different hotels in the area, some with special amenities, such as swimming pools, in which our clients have stayed to participate in our treatment programs.

Intensives could be anything from 1 week to 4 weeks in length, and could be anything from 4 to 6 hours every day. If a client does come from out of state, the evaluation will be added to the actual time spent here in one visit to alleviate the burden of traveling more than necessary. Intensive training periods are available for all clients, local or out of state.

Intensive Programming Services at A Total Approach

  1. Call 484-840-1561 to inform our office of your intent to schedule or need of additional information.
  2. After the initial intake process, we would schedule a telephone or internet meeting with you with regards to the client profile
  3. Based on this interview, specific forms would be forwarded to the family that would assist in gaining a profile of strengths and needs
  4. When direct evaluation / assessment is not feasible, the family will be informed to provide video footage of certain activities as it pertains to the individual profile of the client.
  5. If family attends intensive at our center, the initial evaluation could be included on the first day of intensive.
  6. Programs can also be run long distance for certain client profiles as many of our programs also offer a home option. In such cases consultations will be scheduled on internet.


Best Western Concordville Hotel & Conference Center 

Avg price: $150
Location: Route 322 and US Route 1, Concordville, PA 19331
0.22 miles from A Total Approach 
Phone: 610-358-9400
Hotel amenities: Wired and wireless High-speed internet Access, Indoor pool, complimentary hot breakfast buffet, exercise facility, sauna, restaurant on site.
Room amenities: Cable TV, alarm clock, coffee/tea maker, microwave, refrigerator, hairdryer, iron, ironing board, desk, phone with free local calls under 30 minutes, air conditioning, complimentary USA Today newspaper

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Concordville-Brandywine

Avg price: $140
Location: 1110 Baltimore Pike, Concordville, PA 19331
1.04 miles from A Total Approach  
Phone: 610-358-1700
Hotel amenities: Fitness center, outdoor pool, game room, High-speed internet, complimentary breakfast, bar on location.
Room amenities: Complimentary daily newspaper, cable TV, DVD player, coffee maker, microwave, refrigerator, desk, phone with free local calls, hairdryer, air conditioning, iron, ironing board

Staybridge Suites Wilmington – Brandywine Valley 

Avg price: $140
Location: 400 Evergreen Drive, Glen Mills, PA 19342
0.65 miles from A Total Approach 
Phone: 610-358-2560
Hotel amenities: Fitness center, outdoor sports court including heated pool, High-speed internet, complimentary breakfast
Room amenities: Cable TV, DVD and VCR player, hair dryer, coffee maker, iron, phone, air conditioning, hairdryer, desk.

Chadds Ford Hampton Inn & Suites 

Avg price: $138
Location: 40 State Farm Dr., Glen Mills, PA
1.15 miles from A Total Approach 
Phone: 610-358-9540
Hotel amenities: Fitness center, indoor pool, High-speed internet, complimentary breakfast
Room amenities: Premium cable TV, free movie channel, hair dryer, coffee maker, iron, ironing board, phone with free local calls, air conditioning, hairdryer, desk, complimentary USA Today newspaper, clock radio.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites West Chester 

Location: 1310 Wilmington Pike., West Chester, PA 


Bravo Pizza 100 Evergreen Drive
Concord, PA
(610) 558-6200
Chick-fil-A 20 State Farm Drive
Glen Mills, PA 19342
(610) 358-1997
Ruby's Diner 919 Baltimore Pike
Glen Mills, PA 19342
(610) 358-1983
America Bar & Grill 981 Baltimore Pike
Glen Mills, PA 19342
(610) 558-9900
P.F. Changs
Gluten free menu available
983 Baltimore Pike
Glen Mills, PA 19342
(610) 545-3030
Texas Roadhouse 1051 Baltimore Pike
Glen Mills, PA 19342
(610) 459-1720
Bertucci's Italian Restaurant 501 Byers Drive
Glen Mills, PA 19342
(484) 842-0300
Capriotti's Sandwich Shop 301 Byers Drive, Ste 13
Glen Mills, PA
(610) 361-0300
California Tortilla 201 Town Centre Drive
Glen Mills, PA 19342
(610) 358-5880
Cosi 200 Town Centre Drive
Glen Mills, PA 19342
(610) 459-9655
Duffer's Pub 996 Baltimore Pike
Concordville, PA
(610) 558-2122
Subway 1102 Baltimore Pike
Concord, PA
Pat's Pizzeria 1102 Baltimore Pike
Concord, PA
(610) 387-3300
Glen Mills Restaurant 711 Concord Rd
Glen Mills, PA
(610) 358-1666
McDonalds 1 Christy Dr
Concordville, PA
(610) 459-0996
Pescatores 620 Wilmington W Chester Pike
Chadds Ford, PA
(610) 358-5454
Five Guys Burgers 1810 Wilmington w Chester
Chadds Ford, PA
(610) 358-5488
Primo Hoagies 1810 Wilmington Pike #14
Glen Mills, PA
(610) 459-5650
Outback Steakhouse 561 Glen Eagle Square
Glen Mills, PA
(610) 558-0644
Ming Village 136 Painters Xing
West Chester, PA
(610) 459-3900
Arby's Painters Xing
West Chester, PA
(610) 358-3080
Friendly's 240 Painters Xing
West Chester, PA
(610) 358-9046
TGI Friday's 200 Painters Xing
West Chester, PA
(484) 840-9230
Carrabba's Italian Grill 102 Painters Xing
West Chester, PA
(610) 358-0156
El Gran Rodeo 220 Painters Xing
West Chester, PA
(484) 840-0323
Trader Joe's
Variety of gluten and casein free items
5605 Concord Pike
Wilmington, DE 19803
(302) 478-8494


Traveling the growth of Sam

I took my 6 year old grandson Samuel to A Total Approach last summer for two weeks after he had a turbulent first year in school and a psychological evaluation that indicated a number of deficits. Sam is an extremely bright child, but was very anxious, reactive and had attention difficulties. His social skills were lacking considerably, and he also had co-ordination and motor control issues. Most of all, Sam seemed to really see the worst in most situations, and was rarely truly happy. His world seemed very heavy.

When I reached out to Maude, we were immediately reassured. She was the first person who offered an explanation for the cause of his issues and a plan of action to help correct them. We had always gotten the impression from the other professionals that we consulted that they didn’t really “get” Sam… Maude did, before she even met him.

During our two-week stay in Philadelphia, Sam participated in IM, Tomatis, DIR Floortime and Sand therapy with OT. We noticed a difference in his attitude as early as the third day. Sam’s sense of humor began to shine, as did his willingness to help and his ability to follow instructions. Every day he looked forward to working with the staff at the center.

I remember quite clearly around day four, Sam had built a complex Lego airplane, which he brought to show me, and it fell on the floor and smashed. Before commencing work at ATA, this would have resulted in a huge meltdown that we would have had to work for hours to bring him down from. Instead, he simply acted like a typical six year old… he was upset that it broke, but he moved forward and worked past it.

When we got home, the difference in Sam was remarkable. He was lighter, and happier, and had the tools and capacity to be kinder and more helpful with his siblings. He was also no longer nearly as reactive. If he fell or hurt himself, he would simply get up and keep going whereas prior to his work at ATA he would have had meltdowns. On one occasion shortly after coming home, he was out with his brother and younger cousin, and they had only packed two cookies (Sam’s favorite). Upon realizing that either his brother or his cousin would not have a cookie, Sam offered up his, saying “I just want my brother to be happy”. After being praised for his generosity, he replied “It’s because grandma took me to this place, and they helped me.” Sam’s true personality was finally showing through.

We continue working with Sam with Maude’s guidance, and he is continuing to improve all the time. We cannot thank Maude and the staff at ATA enough for helping get Sam on the path to becoming the bright and happy child that we knew existed deep inside.

Ingrid P – Canada February 2015

"Paul was thrilled with the outcome"

First off, Paul and I owe you an apology for not emailing you back to tell you how well he is doing. Paul did not want to email you anything until he received his test results...and then other things got in the way...he still has you on his 'to do' list!!!

As you will recall, Paul had taken the Michigan Teaching Entrance Exam prior to therapy last spring and failed all three sections...multiple choice reading and math sections and freestyle essay response to a random question. One month after the therapy Paul retook the test and passed two sections (math and reading–YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!). He spent over 6 hours taking the exam and, as he described it, his brain was toast so he did not feel very confident about having passed the essay portion...I believe the therapy, along with his ongoing tutoring, really helped him succeed. His tutor was thrilled with the growth and development of his reading, language and writing skills after his reading therapy. Paul walking out of the test with confidence, feeling he did well, is another testament to how much therapy has helped him. Paul re–took the writing portion of the test in October. He and his tutor gambled that the essay question would be a personal reflection so they focused all their tutor sessions crafting a well written, multi purpose response. However, when he re–took the exam the essay question was TOTALLY unrelated...His tutor and I had serious doubts that he succeeded so he registered for a retake in November–but he PASSED the October test!!!! Again, I believe the therapy he received was critical to his success. He had to formulate a response to a question he had never seen before–the essay response is evaluated for response, content, grammar, structure, language usage etc. This has always been a HUGE challenge for Paul–processing and understanding the question then formulating a point of view, supporting each point, staying on topic, using appropriate verbiage, punctuation and proper sentence structure. Needless to say–Paul was thrilled with the outcome and ecstatic that he did not have to retake the exam again.

Paul started at Eastern Michigan University in the Fall. He started slow with 9 credits but is doing exceeding well, getting A's and B's. Now that he has passed the teaching entrance exam he can officially be admitted to the college of education to pursue his degree in elementary special eduction–cognitive impairment. Next semester he will take 12 credits. He still has to work hard and I work with him to edit his papers etc. but he is more independent, his writing is more succinct and coherent and he has a lot more confidence. He is not as totally independent and self sufficient nor as mature as most 22 yr olds but I see continued growth and development.

Thanks Maude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Connie – November, 2009

Dear Maude,

I am writing to tell you that Mia is doing very well after completing the Accelerated Learning Program this past June. The first thing we noticed was that we could not get a book out of her hands all summer long. As a child diagnosed with dyslexia, Mia liked to be read to but never felt confident reading on her own. About two weeks after ALP she not only started reading on her own, but became immersed in books that were above her grade level. Although it is still early in the school year, her language arts teacher reports that she is doing quite well with her reading and writing assignments.

We have noticed a real difference in her abilities, and equally important, in her confidence. Mia has always loved books, but reading was always accompanied by so much frustration that she had mixed feelings about reading and writing. Now, it is like a switch has been turned on and the obstacles that were in the way no longer seem so insurmountable. Her natural love for books and reading seems to outweigh any remaining difficulties she has with decoding. I now find myself with the opposite problem of asking her to "put her book down" when it is time to go to bed! Please pass on

our appreciation to your exemplary staff.

Elaine Brenneman – October 2008

God's Window

All children are a gift from God. Yet as parents one never imagines that the Lord will choose you to parent a special needs child. Unprepared and filled with a number of emotions one begins to try and plot and plan the road ahead.

As a South African, we have had great difficulty searching for an explanation for the difficulties our daughter, Samantha, is faced with. Hence finding the appropriate treatment for these difficulties has proved to be just as difficult a task.

We have been so blessed. Our God then led us to a magnificent institution of love, kindness and care, devoted to helping children with special needs. A Total Approach (ATA) is an institution which makes use of an integrated therapeutic approach, which they believe benefits the children in a holistic manner, which I have since learned has excellent results.

From the first time we met with Maude Le Roux, the owner of ATA, we felt a sense of peace. For the first time, somebody was able to adequately describe Samantha's behaviour and/or reaction to her environment, and that from a simple 10 minute video recording. We were then given a comprehensive description of why Samantha behaves the way she does, something which we had been searching for, for so long, together with an intensive treatment program which we then followed with ATA.

Since we had been disappointed so many times in the past 3 years, with regard to proposed treatments/ institutions, which we had pursued in South Africa, we decided to attend ATA in the USA, Philadelphia for an intensive program with no expectation whatsoever. We had been led, and believed that we needed to pursue this, if not for Samantha, then for ourselves as a source of healing and peace. Once having met with Maude the first time, we were both so excited. The thought of somebody who actually understood Samantha, preparing therapy/treatment for her, was really exciting and we could not wait to see the outcome.

We are amazed, at what we have seen. The program was for 15 days, each day Samantha attended two hours Tomatis Listening Therapy, thereafter she attended additional sessions of therapy for approximately two hours a day (Occupational, DIR, Physical and Speech therapy). Samantha had received much of this ongoing therapy in South Africa, which ultimately utilized the same basic teaching, the only and significant difference with regard to therapy at ATA, being the Sensory Integrated approach taken at all levels of therapy. It also soon became evident, that therapy of any kind proves to be much more effective given the stimulation provided through the Tomatis Listening Therapy. Within the first two days of therapy, we saw some remarkable changes in Samantha's behavior. She began doing little things which she had never done before. As we moved forward with the program we continued to see change. We saw changes in her eating and drinking patterns, eg. She always would only drink tea, she began drinking different flavored juices. We saw changes in her gross motor play, she was so unsure of herself, feared all moving objects, like swings, trampolines etc,. She began to climb onto them, jump, swing etc. She began socially interacting with strangers, which she never did before, she always held very tightly onto mom or dad around strangers. She began exploring her environment with a passion. The changes were ongoing and phenomenal. We are sad to have gotten to the end of Samantha's first loop of Tomatis, but hope to continue this at a later stage. So much of who my daughter is and can be has already been uncovered, that we cannot stop now.

We thank each and every employee at ATA for the love, patience, kindness and dedication shown when working with our child. Samantha loves going for her therapy sessions at ATA and in fact cries each morning when the cars leave for the day, as she is ready to go and play with her friends at ATA.

Our experience at ATA is something we would like to share, with as many parents with special needs children, as we possibly can because we now believe that there is hope.

Much Love and Gratitude,

Leon, Esmé and Samantha Marx, August 2007. South Africa

Matthew, a 10 day Intensive Program

Our son Matthew recently completed a unique and intensive 10 day, 3 hours per day, therapy program at A Total Approach suggested and designed by Maude LeRoux that included one hour of Tomatis training, one hour of Interactive Metronome, and one hour of Captain's Log. Maude described this program as facilitating improvements at all levels of his brain starting at the brainstem (Tomatis), that is the foundation for everything that we do, then the midbrain (Interactive Metronome), and finally the cortical level (Captain's Log) where children are expected to function on a daily basis. Matthew is now 11 years old and has a history of attention, sensory processing, and language difficulties. He has recently been diagnosed with an auditory based learning disability. This intensive program at ATA has been incredibly beneficial for Matthew. Improvements noted within his educational system and home environment have been longer sustained attention, increased independence with his homework, increased problem solving skills, more willing to work through a challenging academic problem, reading more independently, increased reading comprehension, increased language expression, increased social skills, improved eye-hand coordination for playing sports, increased organizational skills, and generally a calmer child. Thank you Maude LeRoux and your staff for designing and implementing an individualized therapy program for our son.

Words can not express the joy that we feel to see our son be a happier and more confident young man with a bright future!

Gene and Angela – October 2006

John, a 4-week intensive case study

John is a 5 year, old boy who has a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Initial parental concerns included sensory processing (regulation and integration), fine motor, social, motor planning, back and forth interaction, emotional signaling, impulsivity, reality based conversations, behavioral, and focus / attention difficulties. John¡¯s parents wanted to better understand his needs, implement techniques at home, and assistance to have him develop to his fullest potential. John was brought to A Total Approach for an intensive sensory based therapy program that included Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech/Language Therapy, Tomatis training, one-on-one floortime sessions, and DIR (Developmental, Individual differences, Relationship model) parent training sessions. John received therapy 5 days per week for 4 ¨C 5 hours per day for 4 weeks.

Initial baselines were obtained through standardized testing and clinical observations across developmental domains (fine motor, gross motor, play, social, sensory processing, and language skills). Results revealed that John was experiencing sensory processing needs, including his ability modulate his senses (vestibular, tactile, visual, oral, and auditory processing) and integrate or discriminate his senses (vestibular, tactile, oral, visual, and auditory) that negatively impacted and influenced his daily functional performance for attending, developing motor skills, play skills, emotional development, and socializing. In addition, John presented with a receptive and expressive language disorder that was characterized by morphosyntactic, pragmatic language and language processing deficits, all which impaired his communication and affected social interaction with his peers in home, community and academic settings.

By the end of the intensive therapy program John functionally exhibited increased initiation and sustained eye contact, increased visual attention to table top activities, improved postural control including balance and motor coordination skills, decreased hyperactivity level, increased tolerance for messy play, allowing others into his space, increased oral motor planning, increased ability to express his thoughts and ideas, diminished frequency of scripting, more appropriate conversations with regards to events occurring in the moment, problem solving skills in play, initiating ideas on his own, expanding ideas in play, following novel verbal directions more readily, increased attention span (from 1 -2 minutes to up to 15 ¨C 20 minutes), emerging ability to verbalize his emotions, smoother transitions, decreased anxiety level, increase frustration tolerance, and diminished behavioral outbursts. A full comprehensive report was provided after completion of the intensive therapy program that included a very detailed narrative, summary, conclusion, and recommendations for a private clinic based program, home programs, strategies, and suggested educational services.

October 2006 – *For privacy reasons John's real name has been disguised.