DIR 201: Promoting Basic Functional Emotional Developmental Capacities

Level of application: Beginner / Intermediate. Has to provide completion certificate for DIR101.

Learning Objectives

(In brief, more fully explained at www.icdl.com)

  • Correctly describe the central ideas of the first four functional emotional developmental capacities of the DIRFloortime™ Model.
  • Correctly explain basic, discipline-specific concepts related to sensory reactivity, processing and motor planning development, receptive and expressive language development, and visual spatial development.
  • Identify and embrace caregivers' and individuals' strengths, respecting and promoting their right for self-determination. Practice: Floortime
  • Demonstrate integration and application of DIR® concepts through Floortime™ competencies by attunement of one’s own affect to the individual, supporting regulation, emotional engagement, shared pleasure, reciprocity, and complex thinking.
  • Use personal reflection (triggered by observation, group discussions, personal evaluation, readings and lectures, supervision, and more) to continually adjust and enhance one’s understanding of the DIRFloortime™ Model and its application to one’s work.

Assessed: Presentation of two case studies to include PowerPoint and video.